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Angel Wings: The Legacy of Roy Pejcinovski Through the Eyes of His Friends

Barrie Colts, March 2023

About 5 years ago, Roy Pejcinovski was tragically killed in a story that shocked the hockey world.

Today, some of his teammates are on the cusp of making the NHL. I went one on one with a few of them to truly understand what Roy meant, how his infectious personality influenced the teams he played on, and how his legacy lives on today.

Angel Wings Graphic.jpeg

The Art of Preparation: How Mack Guzda Went from Undrafted to NHL Prospect

Barrie Colts, March 2022

Mack Guzda is fresh off of signing an entry-level contract with the Florida Panthers and he's one of the OHL's most experienced netminders. But less than a year ago, he was at home, feeling like his NHL opportunity had slipped away. In this exclusive feature story, I sat down with him and those he's closest with in order to relive the adversity he's overcome and his journey from going undrafted to signing an NHL contract.

How Beau Jelsma Found Passion in Both Farming and Hockey

Barrie Colts, December 2021

Beau Jelsma's "hockey life" is wildly different compared to his peers. Unlike many prospective NHL players, Jelsma grew up in a small farming town outside of London, Ontario. Every summer, he heads back home to drive tractors, feed cattle and work on the farm. In my conversation with him, Jelsma shares his detailed passion for farming, some stories from his upbringing in the country, and how he's been able to balance his love for farming and hockey.


Inside Beau Akey’s Ascension Towards the NHL

Barrie Colts, May 2023

Beau Akey was built for "today's NHL". From coaches, to teammates, to the people he trains with in his hometown of Kitchener, everyone has repeated the same sentiments. But when you look deeper, under the hood of what makes Akey such an exciting NHL prospect, you truly understand what people mean. I sat down with him to get a better understanding of his own mentality and how he's prepared himself for the next level. 

Building Character: How Angus MacDonell Continues to Set Himself Apart

The Hockey Writers, August 2021

Angus MacDonell was recently drafted 13th overall by the Sarnia Sting in the 2021 OHL Draft. But the story on how he got there might surprise junior hockey fans everywhere. I sat down with him (virtually) and the people he's closest with in order to tell the story behind what sets him apart.



a complete collection of my debut novels

Definition of Creativity - Book Cover.jpg

Click the book cover to read the virtual edition of The Definition of Creativity, my first independently published book. Encompassed in the 17 chapter story are anecdotes, personal memories, as well as in-depth opinions about various subjects relevant in today's landscape. As an 18 year old, I caught a lot of people off guard when I announced that I had written something of this magnitude. Nonetheless, my peers thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do as well. 

Click the book cover to read Assembly Required, my second independently published book. I took a much more artistic and philosophical approach to the topics referenced here, which ultimately contrasts my first book nicely. Shining a much needed light on subjects like mental health, systemic racism, and the inevitable conclusion of my high school journey, my second novel serves as an important placeholder for one of the best periods of my life so far.

Asembly Required - Book Cover.jpg
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