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Founded behind the acknowledgement that mental health and sport will forever be intertwined, comes the Get Your Head in the Game podcast. 

Mental health and sport is a subject that's been consistently overlooked. However, by empowering the voices of athletes, coaches, and sports professionals, this podcast hopes to encourage others to reach out and share their stories. By hearing the experiences and perspectives of others in the community, the show strives to not only establish a healthy and engaging dialogue, but also aid in changing the culture surrounding sports and mental health as a whole.

If you know anyone who'd be a great guest, or you yourself would like to make an appearance, feel free to shoot Josh a message.


A special thank you to Queens University artist Alex Kelly who designed the amazing cover.

I've Also Appeared On...

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Hosted by my dear friends Sam Bird and Ryan Castelino, I join one of my favourite podcasts to talk about my sport media career. I share some of my keys to success, the timeline of my own journey throughout the industry, and share a couple untold stories. In a fun and lighthearted episode, take a listen to learn more about my career and the stories within it.
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